How to Choose Fun Educational Toys for Your Child

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A fun educational toy is good enough as long as it helps your child develop his or her skills. For your babies, the toy can be as simple as assisting them to learn how to grab or grasp objects. For those older children, the toy could be something that will improve their logic and creativity skills. Here are some tips when it comes to choosing the best educational toy for your child.

What the an Educational Toy Should Consist Of

You should be the one who will judge if a certain toy will be both fun and educational for your child and don’t just rely on what the manufacturers say. As a parent, you can always evaluate a toy by checking out toy reviews like those at to discover if it is beneficial for your child’s skills and level before buying it. Here are some ways to find out if a toy can really educate your child.

1. Sensory Stimulator – These toys are very educational and important especially for young babies because they are still developing new skills. Check the toy as to what sense it can stimulate such as touch, aural, visual and so on.

2. Imagination
– The best educational toys should stimulate your child’s imagination. Most studies have discovered that wooden toys can improve the creativity skills of younger kids better than those electronic gadgets. However for an older child video games can offer a lot of imaginative potential and are not necessarily a bad thing. If you’re looking for a new gaming console for your kids this year, be sure to check out our PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One comparison here.

3. Social skills – These toys are those that will let your child play with other children such as their friends, siblings or cousins and this can help develop their social skills.

4. Self Expression
– These toys are those that can help your child express themselves. This could be toys that involve telling stories, taking photos, writing or artwork.

Should it always provide Fun and Enjoyment?

Naturally, toys are designed to be enjoyable for kids. If a certain toy is not fun for a child anymore, then they will not see it as a toy anymore. So other than focusing on its “fun” factor, you should also see if that toy will let your child learn something. This is one of the main reasons why it is very important to choose a certain toy that is suitable for the age of your child. You should also consider that the toy will not be too difficult for your child to play with. A toy shouldn’t be too easy or too hard for them to keep on playing with it thus, learning something from it.

The Parent’s Role

Other than the need to choose a toy that will be appropriate to your child’s age and abilities, you should also assist them in learning how to play a new toy so that they will know all the capabilities of that toy and the things that they can do with it. Parents should take time playing with their kids especially if they have given their child a new toy. By doing this, they will not only learn by playing with the toy but also learn by what their parents will teach them.

These are just some of the tips and there are still other ways for you to know if a toy is both fun and offers education for your child. Remember, fun educational toys which are the best for your child shouldn’t necessarily teach your child certain lessons such as science or math.

Seth Gruber

That game in the picture is not Scrabble but Bananagrams. I think it’s more fun because it’s a lot faster and you can do more with your letters. You can still do well even if you only make short words so its good for kids too.


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