Are Plastic Toys Safe and Fun for Kids?

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Plastic toys are very common to kids nowadays. However, you should be aware that there may be certain health risks when playing with plastic toys. So before buying one, you should ask yourself this question. Are plastic toys Safe for my kids? You can do a thorough research, ask an expert or better yet, read along because there are essential information here that will help you answer that question.

Why Are Certain Plastics Unhealthy?

Phthalates and BPA are some of the examples of compounds which are usually found in various kinds of plastics and they are known to be toxic. Several plastics are made with the use of these compounds and just imagine when your children might put them in their mouth. There are certain studies that these compounds may affect a human’s hormones.

Even though the guidelines of the government are now stricter when it comes to the materials that are being used to make toys, there could still be older toys inside people’s households that contain more of these toxic compounds. Even some fun educational toys can be made from plastic.

Phthalates are now being banned from being used to make plastic toys in the US. Aside from that, there are BPA-free plastic toys existing today and you will know that through the recycling numbers. Look at the number inside the plastics logo that you should find somewhere on every plastic toy. Numbers 3, 6 and 7 are the ones that should be avoided.

Choosing Toys that are Safe

Even though you will be choosing the safe plastics which have recycling numbers 1, 2 and 5, you should still know how to use these toys correctly. The chemicals which are in these toys will usually leech out due to higher temperatures so try storing them in a cool place and avoid using them near heat such as microwaves and hot liquids. When it comes to cleaning these toys, you should only use mild soap with water to avoid damaging the plastic.

When it comes to asking the question “are plastic toys safe?” it is quite confusing and hard to know. But by following the simple tips mentioned above, you will increase the chances of giving your child a toy that is safe to play with. You can also do some research on the toy manufacturer before buying a certain toy and know if they are using natural materials in making toys and if the manufacturer is listed on healthy toy databases.

If you are really in doubt of buying plastic toys for your child, there are other alternatives which are likely safer such as cloth toys and wood toys.


Even wood toys can be dangerous depending on the paints and glue that are used on them. Plus the jags of wood that can break off. I guess I prefer plastic mainly.

june gardens

Kids toys aren’t made of the dangerous plastics. Not unless they are old or you don’t know where they came from. I don’t buy toys at goodwill because you don’t know how old they are.

reta james

I guess it depends. some plastic can be sharp. Some can be more dangerous than other kinds. wood toys used to be painted with lead (not anymore). You have to look at each toy and decide if its right and safe for your kid. But its tough when picking toys for other peoples kids. I’ve had somebody give a gift back to me saying they didn’t think it was safe for their child. I thought it was rude, I would have returned it and not said anything, but maybe she thought I could give it to somebody else.

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